Celebrate Chinese New Year with Hearty Hot Pot Dishes

Come and celebrate Chinese New Year at canton pot with hearty hot pot and an array of delicacies symbolize good fortune!

Auspicious Hot Pot Delicacies (Available on Feb 5-19): 
  1. Coral Clams and Giant Clams
  2. Minced Shrimps Balls with Sweet Corn
  3. Bean Curd Puffs Stuffed with Truffle Minced Pork
  4. Fresh Black Mushrooms Stuffed with Crab Roe and Minced Shrimp
  5. Sliced Lotus Roots Stuffed with Minced Cuttlefish
  6. Vegetarian Dumplings with Sea Moss
Chinese New Year Privileges:

- On Feb 4 & 19, a complimentary Sweetened Red Bean Soup with Dumplings will be offered to each diner.

- During Feb 5 to 7, a complimentary dish of Salmon Sashimi and Assorted Vegetables will be offered to a table of 4 dining guests; and  
a complimentary dish of Chinese New Year Puddings (Pan-fried Chinese Glutinous Rice Cake, Water Chestnut Cake and Wolfberry & Osmanthus Jelly) will be offered to each diner.

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